Peru is a multicultural country, with a great variety of climates, extensive regions, and with a prodigious natural wealth. Due to this combination, the diverse cultures that emerged long before the Inca Empire, gave birth to a culinary tradition, which, with the passage of time, since the arrival of the Spanish, the migration of Japanese, Chinese, Africans, etc., until today has been forging a new and rich gastronomic culture, which thanks to it all Peruvians are proud and identified with our cuisine, as this represents part of our history.

We are inspired and motivated to carry out this investigation on the History of the Peruvian gastronomy, due to the next event of the III International Gastronomical Fair of Lima “Mistura” in which all the international kitchens will meet, and where also the Peruvians will be able to show to the world the diverse and rich kitchen that we possess, as for example our plate flag “the cebiche”, anticuchos, soup of patasca, juanes, among others.

Milestones to study:

Peruvian Gastronomy in the Inca period

We chose this milestone because, as a group, we are interested in knowing what the different ayllus and social classes that existed in the Inca era ate, on the other hand, knowing what certain “meals” meant in the different religious rituals that existed in that era.

Peruvian Gastronomy at the time of the Viceroyalty

The milestone was chosen because the Peruvian Inca food suffers a possible mixture with the arrival of the Spaniards to Peru, which implied a change in the customs unfounded in the Inca era since the Spaniards brought with them spices and condiments, apart from animals such as cattle, cattle, etc.; also with the migratory movements of Africans, Italians, Asians (China, Japan). All this was part of a new gastronomy with a different flavor to the traditional one.

Peruvian Gastronomy in the IXX century

This milestone was chosen because we are interested in knowing what was eaten in the different social classes that existed at that time, and also in the colonies already established in our territory of Chinese, Italians, Africans, etc., where a mixture emerged in the kitchen. We also want to know how food was part of a special union between the different members of a family, neighborhood, etc. For this we will address Creole anecdotes about classic food vendors.

Peruvian Gastronomy in the IXX century

We chose this milestone, because it is the time in which the Peruvian gastronomy is trying to integrate itself in a single Peruvian kitchen, but for this the country is suffering an economic crisis that unfortunately affects the diverse sectors in special to the gastronomic one, is for that reason that the group wishes to investigate as it is that the Peruvian gastronomy confronts of certain way the diverse obstacles that this crisis imposed to him and as it is that was reflected in the society.

The revolutionary gastronomy of Peru in recent times

The current Peruvian gastronomy is the evolution of the different forms and flavors that preceded it. Nevertheless, our group will investigate what motivated this evolution and why Peruvian gastronomy is now among the best in the world.


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